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international and comparative employment relations the article adendroth a k and den 4958928

International and comparative employment relations

the article :
Adendroth, A. K. and den Dulk, L. (2011) ?Support for the work-life balance in Europe: the impact of state, workplace and family support on work-life balance satisfaction?, Work, Employment and Society, 25, 2: 234-256.


Once selected, read your paper, and then prepare a critical review of that paper. The review should address/include the following:

?A brief synopsis of the paper: a few sentences to outline the content and identify the nature of the paper.
?Discussion of the paper?s results: What are the key claims or findings? What does it add to the body of knowledge? This is likely to make up the major part of your essay.
?The relation between the paper?s findings/ claims and the literature discussed in the module. This does not have to be a separate paragraph but you are asked to include the relevant references as discussed during the module.
?If relevant (when the paper discusses empirical findings), an assessment of the methods used by the paper?s authors.
?Identification of the research?s practical implications (if any).
?An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the paper (give reasons for your views).

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