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in unix linux write a shell script that given a radius calculates the area of a circ 4952159

In Unix/Linux: Write a shell script that given a radius,calculates the area of a circle. (Hint – don’t write this from scratch. Find another script thatreads user input and performs a calculation, then modify it to meetyour needs.) The formula for calculating the area is: Area=Π*Radius 2 You can use 3.14 for Π, and either do Radius*Radius or Radius^2to get the square of the radius. Use the scale command to limit the number of decimal points forthe area, but do at least two places after the decimal. You can assume that the user will enter numbers, so you don’thave to do any error checking of the input. Your program shouldallow the user to enter the value for the radius, perform thecalculation(s), and then print the output. The output should be acircle that is labeled appropriately. Attached

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