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in this assignment you will implement a program called call info cpp that uses three 4945946

In this assignment you will implement a program called”call_info.cpp” that uses three functions, input, output, andprocess. You must use input and output parameters when implementingthis program. The function input will get the input from the user,the function process will perform the necessary calculationsrequired by your algorithm, and the function output will print theresults and any output that needs to be printed. The program “call_info.cpp” will calculate the net cost of acall (net_cost), the tax on a call (call_tax) and the total cost ofthe call (total_cost). The program should accept a cell phonenumber (cell_num), the number of relay stations(relays), and thelength in minutes of the cal (call_length). Please consider thefollowing 1) The tax rate (in percent) on a call (call_rate) is simplybased on the number of relay stations (relays) used to make thecall (1<= relays <=5 then tax_rate = 1%; 6<= relays<=11 then tax_rate = 3%; 12<= relays <=20 then tax_rate =5%; 21<= relays <=50 then tax_rate = 8%; relays >50 thentax_rate =12%) . 2) The net cost of a call is calculated by the followingformula: net_cost = ( relays / 50.0 * 0.40 * call_length). 3) The tax on a call is calculated by the following formula:call_tax = net_cost * tax_rate / 100. 4). The total cost of a call (rounded to the nearest hundredth)is calculated by the following formula: total_cost = net_cost +call_tax . All tax and cost calculations should be rounded to thenearest hundredths. Use the following format information to printthe variables: Input Example: (Your program should prompt the user forinput) Enter your Cell Phone Number: 9548267184 Enter the number of relay stations: 40 Enter the length of the call in minutes: 56 Output Example: (Your output should look lit this) ***************************************************** Cell Phone Number: 9548267184 ***************************************************** Number of Relay Stations: 40 Length of Call in Minutes: 56 Net Cost of Call: 17.92 Tax of Call: 1.43 Total Cost of Call: 19.35 Ask the user if more calculations are necessary with thefollowing prompt: Would you like to do another calculation foranother employee (enter y or n)? . . .

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