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In Mario Vargas Llosa’s essay entitled “Why Literature,” he states that more and more people have lost interest in reading because they are too busy doing other things. “According to this widespread conception, literature is a dispensable activity, no doubt lofty and useful for cultivating sensitivity and good manners, but essentially an entertainment, an adornment that only people with time for recreation can afford” (Llosa, 2001). However, these people do not realize that without significant reading, they would not be able to write in such a way that they can really communicate their thoughts.

“Reading good literature is an experience of pleasure but it is also an experience of learning what and how we are, in our human integrity and our human imperfection, with our actions, our dreams, and our ghosts… (Llosa, 2001). In short, reading teaches us everything about ourselves. If we have enough knowledge about what we should write, there is no doubt that this will make us good writers. I think that not only does reading makes us good writers but it also makes us better individuals because of the lessons we learn from these literary works.

Having the right writing skills can mean better opportunities especially at this time when people are tested by how much knowledge they possess through writing. Reading is not something to be disregarded about just because we are at the stage where technology dominates our everyday lives. It does not instantly make people good writers. However, it can definitely improve one’s writing skills, which is better than nothing at all. Reference Llosa, M. (2001, May 14). Why Literature. Retrieved October 9, 2008, from http://literature. sdsu. edu/WhyLiterature/ Assignment II:

It is important to become a better writer because this is where many people base their impressions on you. It does not matter if this is just a simple text message or a formal report, what matters is that you get the message across in a professional and academic way. “People with good writing skills are often most coveted ones by companies because they are good at communicating with other companies or with the employees” (Bapat, 2008). Good writing skills can make a person look good and scholarly. People can benefit from this by making money. Companies would prefer them over those who have no or little experience in writing.

They would be commended for their work and ultimately climb the professional ladder with their skills. Becoming a better writer can also make a person communicate his or her thoughts better, which would help readers relate to the work. When this happens, readers would appreciate the writer and his or her more. There is a chance that when a person writes carelessly, either by making grammatical errors or misleading contents, readers would tend to lose interest in them or assume that they are not credible. Reference Bapat, U. (2008, September 15). Huge Benefits Can Be Reaped Through Brilliant Writing Skills!

Retrieved October 9, 2008, from http://ezinearticles. com/? Huge-Benefits-Can-Be-Reaped-Through-Brilliant-Writing-Skills! &id=1496902 Response Number 1: I believe that Barack Obama was right when he indicated that parents need to be more concerned when it comes to their children’s reading and writing skills. Technology has become more and more popular with kids nowadays and they tend to forget the basics. Regulation is not needed if parents can teach their children to balance their social and academic lives. Also, I think that text messaging, as this is Mr.

Obama’s concern, does not need formal language. Text messaging are short ones and are very informal in nature. One does not need to use extravagant words to text each other. With that being said, it is still important to note that kids distinguish when to use formal or informal language. Formal language is still used in all academic settings and even in the workplace, which is why they should not forget that good writing skills are still important. These children are not dumb because they can operate complicated machines and understand technology even better and faster than most adults.

They just need to be reminded every now and then of the things that should really matter in life like school and their future. Response Number 2: There are numerous benefits of becoming a good writer and the response was right in saying that it helps to secure a job and even advance in your career. Still, making money should not be the main reason as to why a person wants to improve his or her writing skills. An individual should learn how to write better because he or she wants to improve him or herself. Improving involves every aspect of the writer’s life.

Even if a person can easily learn how to write better by using guidelines or practicing, his or her work will still lack substance and personality because it was not done wholeheartedly. What is worse is that readers can determine if a certain work was done hastily or carelessly. If there is a reason that writers want to improve their writing skills, it should be because they want to please their readers. Becoming a good writer takes hard work and determination but the positive results it can bring can be worthwhile in the end.

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