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in java generate six random numbers each between 0 and 30 inclusive allow the user t 5188369

In Java, generate six random numbers, each between 0 and 30, inclusive. Allow the user to choose six check boxes to play the game. (Do not allow the user to choose more than six boxes.) After the player has chosen six numbers, display the randomly selected numbers, the player's numbers, and the amount of money the user has won, as follows:

0,1, or 2 matching numbers = $0

3 matching numbers = $100

4 matching numbers = $10,000

5 matching numbers = $50,000

6 matching numbers = $1,000,000

Additionally, add a menu bar to the program with a File menu. In the File menu, add a submenu (JMenuItem) called About. When the user clicks on the About menu item, display a JOptionPane message dialog that contains the course number (CSC 102).

Please provide working code, NOT a link to another website.

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