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im following sentdex 39 s django tutorials and im trying to set django settings modu 5151962

im following sentdexs django tutorials and im trying to set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE as an enviroment variable

im following sentdex's django tutorials and im trying to set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE as an enviroment variable Desktop new python folder django big-Atom File Edit View Selection Find Packages Help Project Welcome django big from django.db import models > django 3 # Create your models here. > django 2 4 class Tutorial(models. Model): sentdex django tutorial_title – models.CharField(max_length – 200) vn my site main 7 from Pprint import pprint > pycache_ pprint (vars (Tutorial)) > migrations _init_py No results found for sett' Finding with Options: Case Insensitive * Aa x appspy sett no results Find Find All Replace in current buffer Replace Replace All Python A | Tysite Traceback (most recent call last): > -pycache File “C:UsersUser Desktop new python folder django big sentdex django mysite main”, line 4, in module> site-packagesdjangodb'uncdels”, line 183, in_new_ Isite-packagesdjangok apps”, line 252, in get_containing_app_config wsgi py”, line 134, in check_apps_ready 2 db.sqlite3 site-packages django.conf”, line 79, in _getattr_ managepy site-packagesdjango.conf”, line 64, in _setup > sendes tut 1 try 2 ALLED_APPS, but settings are not configured. You must either define the environment variable DJANGO SETTINGS MODULE or call settings.configure before accessing settings. django notes.tact [Finished in 1.8655] sentdex djangomysite 8:21 CRLE UTF-8 Python Github – Git (0) 11 Type here to search 16/08/2019 Environment Variables User variables for User Variable Value GOOGLE APL_KEY no GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_D no GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_… no OneDrive C:Users User OneDrive Path C:Ruby 26-x64 bin C:UsersUser AppDataLocal Programs Python… DALHEXL COM EXE. BAT.CMD VBS VBE 16. S. WSWCH MSCBB PRAM New User Variable what file or folder should my path lead to? Variable name DIANGO SETTINGS MODULE Variable value Browse Directory. Browse File… OK Cancel LVTILIV YOLCITI HY VOL NUMBER_OFPROCESSORS Online Services OS Path PATHEXT 4 Online Services Windows_NT C:Program Files (x85) IntelliCLS Client C:Program FilesIntelliL… .COM:EXE: BAT: CMD VBS VBE: JE JSE:WSE.WSH.MSC New… Edit… Delete OK Cancel

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