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i really had a concern the school i currently work staff does not do a good job with 5135090

I really had a concern. The school I currently work staff does not do a good job with out students with IEP's. My son needed to have a pencil and paper as he is select mute in school. It states he needs to have something to write with to communicate. My son started by throwing things across the room to get attention trying to say he had to go to the bathroom. That did not work. He started knocking on the desk. That did not work. Finally, he started flipping the desk over to get attention as our staff spends more time socializing then taking care of our students. I work they so I know this information. He was put out of the school, and we had a manifestation meeting. At the meeting, the team decided my son should have always had a pencil, paper, white,board, or market to communicate. Thank God, he was transferred to an outstanding school now doing extremely well, and has grown nicely. Question 1. How do you point out to your team leader that they can see staff not doing their jobs, and it only hurts our students.

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