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i need to create a 2d table array print it them i need to read in a file then print 5188600

I need to create a 2D table/array print it them I need to read in a file then print the new table with the file contents in C(not C++):

You will create and initialize a 2-D table of num_rows rows and num_columns columns containing entries of type entry_t (defined in hw1.c). The c and n fields of each entry should be initialized to ' ' (blank space) and 0, respectively.

You will then print the table. By adding parentheses, commas, and blank spaces as needed and using formatted output, your output should be:

( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0)
( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0)
( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0)

Next, you will open the (provided) file data.txt, read it line by line and update table entries based on the content of each line as follows: if the line contains (i,j):(d,m) (where i, j, and m are integers and d is a character) you will update the table entry in row i and column j so field c is 'd' and field n has value m.

When the end of the file data.txt is reached, close the file and print the updated table. You should obtain:

(f,4) ( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0)
( ,0) (x,7) ( ,0) ( ,0)
( ,0) ( ,0) ( ,0) (d,9)

Finally, free the memory space allocated for the table.

This is what I have so far, if you see any mistakes please let me know:

#include    // to use printf, FILE, fopen, fgets, fclose, sscanf
#include // to use malloc, free

typedef struct {                // define new struct type for storing
char c;                       // a char and an int
int n;
} entry_t;

typedef entry_t* row_t;         // define row type
typedef row_t* table_t;         // define table type

table_t t;

int main()
int num_rows = 3;
int num_columns = 4;

// TODO: create and initialize 2-D table

int i,j;

t = (row_t*) malloc(sizepf(row_t) *num_rows);

for (i=0; i    t[i]=(entry_t*) malloc(sizeof(entry_t) *num_columns);
   for(j=0;j        t[i][j] = 0;

// TODO: print initial table

for (i=0;i    for (j=0;j       printf(“%d”, t[i][j]);

// TO DO: open file data.txt, read it line by line, and
// update table entries; close file when done.

FILE *fp = fopen(“data.txt”,”r”);

     for(i = 0; i
          for(j = 0; j
               fscanf(fp, “%d”, &a[i][j]);

// TO DO: print updated table

// TO DO: free memory space allocated to table

return 0;

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