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i need help to know how i get from this to the solution whichformula gives me the pr 5124826

I need help to know how I get from this to the solution! Whichformula gives me the probability for P(A´ I B)? A manufacturer of automobiles conducted a market survey. Eightypercent of the customers want better fuel efficiency, while 55%want vehicle navigation system and 45% want both features. What isthe probability that a person wants a vehicle navigation system butnot a better fuel efficiency? Events: A = want better fuel B = want vehicle navigation P(A) = 0,8 → P(A’) = 0,2 P(B) = 0,55 P(A B) = wants both → 0,45 P(A´ I B) = ? → a person does not want better fuel but wantsvehicle navigation. Thanks! . . .

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