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i need a hort paragraph abou any e commerce articals you can fin it on the web site 5219741

I need a hort paragraph abou any E- commerce articals you can fin it on the web site and write short paragraph for studt case . and send the link for that articals also.


This is  just an example 

Most people don't know this but Staples is a big player in the e-commerce industry. Aspects of their digital advantage are also available in stores via kiosk. What makes Staples such an online success is not only the fact that they make their products available to their customers, but also to businesses. The company has recently updated their original website, and also completely renewed, their B2B website. The company is very fluid when it comes to technology and rely on the feedback of their customers. There are many new features to the Staples Advantage website. “A primary new feature of the relaunched, the company says, is a home page dashboard tool that includes such customer information as recent order history, current order status, a shopping list of frequently ordered products, and suggestions for products that may need to be reordered,” (Tepper). Because of the changes the company is willing to make for its consumers, Staples will continue to be a leader when it comes to office supplies and technology.


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