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i have this assignment that i need help with i turned it in but i got a bad grade fo 5173047

I have this assignment that I need help with, I turned it in but I got a bad grade for it, could someone please help me take an overview of it or take a look at it.
but I want to change the project to Fundraising for kids in need all over the world. Because there is an assignment that I did in the past that is connected to it.

Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. Break down the work to level 3 or level 4, as appropriate. Be sure to base your WBS on the project scope statement, stakeholder requirements, and other relevant information. Remember to include the work involved in selecting the rest of your project team and outside resources as well as coordinating with the cloud-computing providers. Use the project management process groups as level 2 WBS items or include project management as a level 2 WBS item to make sure you include work related to managing the project.

Work Breakdown Structure Template for Project Name

Prepared by:   Date:

  • The project scope statement is to check the internet for stuff that shouldn’t be there or a bad influence for the new internet users
  • Stakeholder requirements
    • Create process and application, using the date
    • Create links between the process and application models
    • Create process and application views, using the models
    • Create a link between the views
    • Create a visualization, using the views
    • Publish a visualization to be a view to have for stakeholders
  • There is relevant information to know when you are doing a work break down structure.
    • The key project deliverable that organizes the team work into manageable sections
    • The knowledge of the work breakdown structures deliverable project that must be executed by the project team
  • Selecting a team for your project
    • Find members that are well-Organized and self-disciplined.
    • Find members that are seeking to be in manger point of view in project
    • Find the best fit for the role to get you the outcome of the project goal.
    • Find members from a different cloud to help overview the project goals and requirements, that will get you the best result for your project.

Project about an overall check of the internet

You have to evaluate the current software program

  1. You must identify the problems used in the program

1.1 make sure that the project bugs are based on real answers or facts.

1.2 check what to fix

1.2.1 check if there are any problems that you need to fix to make the internet better.

1.2.2 check what to fix and what are the requirements to do it.

1.3 estimate and review the problems that you are going to fix in a project view as a company.

1.4 estimate the time

  1. Project scheduling

2.1 Project charter

2.2 Project plan

2.2.1 Make a time schedule

2.2.2 Keep a timing plan

2.3 Technical check

2.4 Steering check

  1. The design
    1. De-bug the process of the project
    2. And de-bug the database

3.2.1 Data import

3.2.2 Data export          

  1. Debugging
  2. Checking the design for any problems
  1. Training and testing
    1. A whole unit testing
    2. User acceptance for testing such as UAT
      1. UAT for Applications
      2. UAT for servers
    3. Training all the clients
    4. And last check the whole project and system testing

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