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i am having difficulty with the solution given for chapter 7 hands on exercise 7 fro 5187914

I am having difficulty with the solution given for Chapter 7, Hands on exercise 7 from: Web Development and Design Foundations with HTML5 7th edition.

The question reads:

Configure Printing for Hands-On Practice 7.4. Configure special printing for the Lighthouse Island Bistro index.html file created in Hands-On Practice 7.4. This file is in the chapter7/sprites folder in the student files. Modify the web page so that it is associated with an external style sheet called lighthouse.css instead of using embedded styles. Save and test your page. Create a new style sheet called myprint.css, which will prevent the navigation from displaying when the page is printed. Modify the index.html page to be associated with this file. Review the use of the media attribute on the link element. Save all files and test your page. Select File > Print > Preview to test the print styles.

can you clarify this with the html and Css code?

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