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how has learning about the dmaic process informed your decision making please read t 3744356

How has learning about the DMAIC process informed your decision making

Please Read the Rubric below to help you understand what needs to be included

First, read the afterword in The Essential Workplace Conflict Handbook and watch .

Also, be sure to review your discussion posts and your final project.

Next, in your initial post, address the following:

How has learning about the DMAIC process informed your when it comes to resolving organizational conflict?

What have you learned about yourself as a manager of ? What will be your strengths in resolving conflicts? What weaknesses can you identify?

How will you apply your learning to organizational conflict after the course concludes?

In responding to your peers, reflect upon what each has shared and offer constructive criticism, providing details or examples from your professional experience.


……………………… 607 words

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