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help me obi won kenobi you my only hope c c c simple code homework question please p 5196066

Help me obi-won kenobi, you my only hope! C++ C++ C ++ simple code homework question Please provide code. I will give thumbs up!! **Feel FREE to be Creative with this question**

Please comment for question. Please exlpain code and provide output!

Please use C++ to code. Will give thumbs up. Please follow my post carefully. Please provide c++ code and screenshot of output. Please provide comments describing program at a entry level.

Our college is holding a fund-raiser. The Computer Science Dept., English Dept., Math Dept., and the Nursing Dept. will compete to see which department raises the most money.

Your program must be designed using a Struct Class, Pointers, and three functions. A user should be able to add, update, and search for their contribution amount, and which department they wish to apply it to. (i.e cs $100.00).

Have a unique way to stop the program. Display on the screen the total contribution(s) made toward each department.

Make sure properly documentation your program.

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