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hello i am currently taking a foundations of programming course where we are learnin 5151788

Hello, I am currently taking a Foundations of Programming course where we are learning the basics of Java.

I am struggling with a part of a question assigned by the professor.

The general idea of the assignment is to mainly implement the following data types Pokemon, SkillMove, PokemonZoo, PokemonTrainer, and MasterCup. An object of type PokemonTrainer should have 5 Pokemons and each Pokemon should be able to perform skill moves. The number of skill moves that the Pokemon can perform depends on how strong the Pokemon is. For attributes, you need to initialize all your attributes in a constructor.

(a) SkillMove Class

Write a class A SkillMove has the following private attributes:

• A String name

• A String type

• A double dmg

• A double missRate

name represents the name of the skill move, type represents the skill move type, dmg represents the damage the skill move can have, and finally missRate represents the miss-rate of the skill move. The SkillMove class also contains the following public method:

• A toString method: The String which is returned must contain the name, and type. Below is an example of a SkillMove printing:

Solar-Beam (Gra)

Note that you will also have to add getters and setters for the instance attributes as needed. Thanks in advance!

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