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go through the following website select under president option historical election g 3753475

Go through the following website, select under “president” option Historical election

Go through the following website, select under “president” option . Review the information on two maps of your choice and post your opinion on it in two paragraphs (200-250 words total).

DO not select 2016 presidential election

If you are curious about the #270 on the website address, here is the reason.
The US presidents are elected by Electoral Colleges from each state. The total # of Electoral Colleges is calculated by adding 435 (the # of the House of Representative Members) + 100 (the # of the senators in the US Senate) + 3 for Washington DC, which is 538. 51% of that would be a simple majority and that is the magic # 270, the # of Electoral College a presidential candidate needs to win in November General Election.



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