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for this project you need to research the wbadmin exe utility as you have learned wb 5192346

For this project, you need to research the wbadmin.exe utility. As you have learned, wbad- min is the command-line utility for WSB. It is a helpful tool for performing backups to net- work locations or for creating backup scripts. Based on your research, list the syntax used by wbadmin to perform the following tasks: • Perform a backup of server CS-SCSRV-001, excluding noncritical drives, and send the backup to CS-SRV-001Backups without prompting for confirmation to begin backup. • Perform a backup of CS-SRV-001, including all installed disks (c, e, f), and store the backup on an attached drive, such as h:. • Create a scheduled backup on CS-SCSRV-001 that runs daily at 12:00 am and 6:00 pm and that backs up the c: drive and the system state to cs-srv-001backupsDailyBackups.

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