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explain the questions fully and in detail below so answer the questions below how do 4959503

Explain the Questions fully and in detail below so Answer the Questions below:

How do I make connections in a node?

How do I make new node?

How do I explore or extract any connections to a node?

Since you can access the server from home, you are in a good position to answer the three questions I set for you:

  1. How can I create a new node?
  2. How do I create new relationships between nodes?
  3. How do I get information about relationships from a node?

    All the instructions for this are in the video the link to the video is here. So use the You Tube video to do these Questions. You should be WRITING your answers.

    The server is at:

In the first part of the You Tube video, I show you how to create new nodes in the datastructure in Neo4j. This is easy.

Browse here:

In the command line prompt at the top, type:

match (n) return n;

This will return the existing nodes in a graphical way.

You can create new nodes with simple commands:

create (n:Person {name:”Fred smith”});


create (x:Question {value:”This is a new question”});

You can create relationships between the nodes with something like:

match (n:Person), (x:Question) where = “Fred smith” and x.value=”This is a new question” create (n)-[:AGREE {strength:5}]-(x);

Create these new nodes below.

After each one, do a “match (n) return n”

Take screenshots of the datastructure that emerges.

Explain the ways that nodes can be connected to each other.

Take screenshots for each step and explain fully in detail for the Questions above.

The relationship code should read:

match (n:Person), (x:Question) where = “Fred smith” and x.value=”This is a new question” create (n)-[:AGREE {strength:5}]->(x);

Sorry there is a problem in Testme3.php… Lines 2-7 got corrupted because of slashes…

Please replace it with:

use EverymanNeo4jClient,






That should fix it!

But here is a link it will help you with Data Structures & Algorithms Assignment 3 this you tube video will help you.

I’m also attaching three files with this order you must use these to do this task below you also need to use Neo4j for these tasks below and watch the you tube video above to help you with these tasks:

interface.html – an updated interface to get data into Neo4j – this will become the mobile ‘app’

testme2.php – the file called by interface which puts data in the database

testme3.php – a php file which you can run from the command line and reports on the structure of the database.

You can play with my Neo4j instance at:

And you can explore my interface code running at:

really, though, you should install Neo4j, neo4jphp and the composer (see on your own machine, although for Task 1 below, you can get away with just using my setup.

I was mistaken about the significance of JSON – neo4j returns its data in JSON, but in PHP you don’t really need to worry about it. Basically, it is dealing with PHP arrays (have a look at the code and the output and try and understand it)

I have suggested three tasks, of escalating difficulty.

  1. Put nodes into Neo4j using the Neo4j interface and the cypher query language. Follow instructions in the video. Understand the complexity of the data structures that can be created. Write about what you are doing.

  2. Explore the PHP interface code. Explain what it’s doing (I’ve made a start in the video). Think about ways of improving it. Write about these.
  3. Explore the testme3.php code. Run this from the command line with “php testme3.php”.. you will see it spits out a load of data. How does it get this? How are the values manipulated?

    Take screenshots for each step and explain fully in detail for the Questions above.

    Use Neo4j to do the tasks above it is related to the Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment 3.

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