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exercises 1 calculate the hamming distance for the following 2 marks a d 101011 1110 5188024


1. Calculate the hamming distance for the following: (2 marks) a. d (101011, 111011): d- 1 b, d (1010, 1111):d=2 c, d (111,000): d=3 d, d (1000000.0111111):d= 7

2. If you apply an even single parity checking, what is the codeword resulting for the following datawords? (2 marks) a. 10110110 d. 10010010

3. RAC technique. (3 marks) a. Apply RAC technique for an encoding scheme of (30,20). Show your work. b. What are the advantages of the RAC technique?

4. Why is byte stuffing needed? (2 marks)

5. Give a situation where the following channel codding techniques could be used: (2 marks) a. 16-bit checksum b. Cyclic redundancy code

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