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Exercise: Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, IVNorton, 4th. ed. D: 286-331.3. When Gulliver first encounters Houyhnhnms, what does he think they are, and why does he think this?4. Identify and explain the expression that the Houyhnhnms employ to describe lying or falsehood.5. What reasons does Gulliver give his Houyhnhnm Master for mankind’s (and, by extension, Yahoo’s) predilection for going to war?6. In what ways does the Houyhnhnm’s attitude toward or approach to possessions and property differ from mankind’s and Yahoo’s?7. Cite at least one example of Yahoo behavior which is similar, if not identical, to human behavior.8. Cite at least one example of Houyhnhnm behavior which is similar, if not identical, to human behavior.9. What does the female Yahoo want with Gulliver down at the stream? What does this say about Yahoos?10. Why do the Houyhnhnms make Gulliver leave their country? Explain why their decision that he must leave is just or unjust.11. How does Gulliver behave toward his family when he returns home to England and why?12. Trace Gulliver’s mental instability as it develops from an inferiority complex into full-blown insanity.

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