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Exercise 4, Week #4 – Part 2 – Memo to Boss (International Business Customs)

Using the international business customs information you researched and posted in Week #3 (Ex. #3), write that memo to your boss about what he or she needs to know for an upcoming trip to that country. You should be able to access the notes you posted in Part 1 as background. Make it clearcut and easy to follow; i.e., perhaps the boss will be referring to it via his or her Smartphone while there, so maybe use bullet points or categories. Refer to Ch. 5, which also contains some very useful data about International Business Correspondence–see pp. 169-180.

Remember, these are tips that can make or break that person’s trip–being politically correct is extremely important in international business, as well as elsewhere.

Here are some examples of business memo format templates (copy the link and paste it into a new browser): 

Originally, that link was actually huge, but the folks in the Instructional Technology Group helped me create a shortened web address. If you’re having issues in Drexel Learn, they can help you, too!  Click the Tech Support tab above (shown along the top of the page in the dark-blue area) to find their contact info.

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