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EDU 671 Fundamental of Educational Research (Assignment)

Ashford 2: – Week 1 – Assignment

Trends in Educational Action Research

Instructions: For this assignment, you will create a document that includes a plan for your area of focus. For the criteria part of the assignment, consider what you read in “” and “.” What topics did you see and read about that lead you toward clarifying a general idea and establishing an area of focus for research? Please refer to the “Research in Action Checklist Three – One” (Mills, 2014, p. 44) to establish criteria for your area of focus.

The assignment needs to include the following areas of content.

  • Plan – Area of Focus (1 point): In no more than two paragraphs, describe your early idea of what the purpose of your study may be.
  • Plan – Explanation of Problem (1 point): In no more than two paragraphs, explain a statement of the problem or situation that led to this interest or why you want to pursue this topic.
  • Plan – Population (1 point): In no more than a paragraph, describe the population (age/grade, quantity of participants, students or adults).
  • Plan – Research Questions (3 points): Develop two to three research questions that align with the area of focus and address what you hope to answer in this study. The questions need to be answerable and presented in list format, and they must appropriately represent the population/participants you identified.

Written Communication
The assignment needs to adhere to the following areas for written communication.

  • Page Requirement (.5 point): The assignment must be one to two pages, not including title and references pages.
  • APA Formatting (.5 point): Use APA formatting consistently throughout.
  • Syntax and Mechanics (.5 point): Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.
  • Source Requirement (.5 point): Use no less than two scholarly sources in addition to the course textbooks, providing compelling evidence to support ideas. All sources on the reference page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.


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Area of Focus

A school is a social place. This means that there are very many people that come there not only to learn but to also gain the knowledge that is necessary for them to progress. This is a process that calls for interaction between the students and the teachers as well as among the students themselves. This means that from time to time, it is possible for violence to come up among the students. For this research, my main aims are two; the first of this is to help come up with a clear analysis of the different causes of this violence. Through the research, I can be able to come up with a clear analysis of the trigger that…..


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