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Discussion Boards

Political Bias

Discussion Boards are an important component of your coursework and will solidify your learning of the topics in each unit. Please refer to the Discussion Board Rubric in Doc Sharing for grading information.

When posting on the Discussion Board,

  • Communications must be professional and civil at all times. All posts must be done in an environment which is collaborative.
  • The goal of discussion is a free exchange of ideas and viewpoints with the freedom to disagree with one another in a respectful and thoughtful way.
  • Reread messages and posts before sending them to ensure that your contributions are positive and diplomatic in tone and content.

Topic: Many Internet sites provide information of use to businesses. However, the researcher must keep in mind that each site may be biased according to the political agenda of the site sponsor.

Visit CorpWatch at explore the site.

Answer the following questions in a single post here.

  1. Does the site appear to contain useful information?
  2. Find a topic of current public interest, such as the tobacco industry. (Try to identify a subject not covered by other classmates.) Does the information appear to be unbiased?
  3. Why would a site that contains information that is contrary to the ideas or opinions of the company for which you work be a valuable resource to you? Offer a brief scenario to illustrate your point.

Comment and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


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