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discussion 1 quot knowing the threat quot please respond to the following explain th 5220931


“Knowing the Threat” Please respond to the following:


·         Explain the added challenges of securing wireless devices versus securing LAN-connected devices. Imagine you are starting a new small- to-midsized cybercafe business from the ground up. Explain which areas of your network would be LAN based and which areas would be wireless.

·         Analyze seven types of malware attacks applicable to a military weapons company. Explain where each is likely to manifest itself (i.e., thumb drive, hard drive, system files, email, Web pages, database server, and BIOS). Determine how likely it is the attacker is an internal employee, neighbor at home, someone located oversees, or an arbitrary person on the Internet. Finally, discuss what motivation there is for the attack.




“Being Prepared for Anything” Please respond to the following:


·         IT “readiness” is a common buzz word of today’s information technology industries. From a security perspective, it basically refers to a posture of being prepared for both foreseeable and unforeseeable issues. Explain some key steps any organization can take regarding IT readiness planning and implementation.

·         One of the ways to defend against security threats is to know what one is up against. List five most commonly used security tools. Describe their intended function and explain how they may be used with malicious intent.

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