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Discuss the ethical considerations involved in the following situations: a. A consulting structural engineer is retained as an expert witness by an attorney in litigation resulting from the collapse of a gymnasium roof. She finds the failure of the roof to be the result of inadequate design by another professional engineer. What are the ethical responsibilities of the expert witness to the designer? b. A consulting engineer is asked by a plaintiff’s attorney to reconstruct the events leading to an automobile crash. He finds that the crash is explained solely by negligence of the plaintiff rather than the defendant. He so advises the attorney. Subsequently, he is asked to serve as an expert witness for the defendant in the same ligitation. What should be his response? c. The vice president of a consulting engineering firm serves as a member of the municipal water pollution board. Engineer Abel, who is not associated with either the firm or the board, learns that the consulting firm has accepted a contract for engineering services from the board, constituting an apparent violation of ethics. What should Abel do? d. As an employee of a county’s public works department, a young engineer has the responsibility of checking and approving engineering plans for subdivision streets. During a holiday season, the engineer receives a gift valued at $50 from a consulting firm that designs subdivision streets and regularly submits plans to the engineer for approval. What should be the engineer’s response? e. A professional engineer working full-time for a consulting firm is offered a part-time position with another firm. This would involve weekend work only that would not interfere with the engineer’s responsibilities to the original consulting firm. What are the engineer’s ethical responsibilities?

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