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discuss in detail cooley s looking glass self 2 discuss mead s 3 stages in taking th 3802193

discuss in detail, Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self”. 2. discuss Mead’s “3 Stages in Taking the Role of Self”

Intro to Sociology ,Social Structure and Social Interaction

Chapter 4 – Socialization:1. discuss in detail, Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self”. 2.   discuss Mead’s “3 Stages in Taking the Role of Self”. 3.  explain in detail the concept of Gender Socialization.  Also discuss in detail, how the “5 Agents of Socialization”  affect gender.

4.   discuss and summarize the each of the socialization stages of the “life course”.

Chapter 5 – and Social Interaction

1.  explain what social structure is and why it is important.  Using a personal example, discuss how social structure can be seen and how social structure influences people’s lives.

2.  Using yourself as an example, distinguish between social status, status set, multiple statuses, master status, status symbols, ascribed and achieved status.

3.  Summarize the functionalist perspective on social institutions.

4.  Discuss the concepts of roles, dramaturgy, stages, sign-vehicles, role performance, role strain and role conflict.

Chapter 6 – Deviance and

1.  define deviance in detail and explain why it is relative.  Explain why norms and sanctions are important for social life to exist.

2.   discuss in detail “Cultural Transmission and Differential  Association” theory.

3.  discuss in detail “Control Theory” and the Techniques of Neutralization.

4.  discuss in detail “Labeling Theory” of deviance.

5.  discuss in detail “Strain Theory” of Deviance.


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Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self”

            This theory states that a person grows up to be what he thinks others perceive him to be. Through interactions within the society a person will know what perceptions others have about him and this influences the thoughts of that person. A person will shape his life and his self concept with other people’s perceptions in his mind. We gain our identity through the perception of others and the message these people send to us will


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