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Details for Part B: Individual Synopsis & Critical Reflection Paper (20%) Weighting: 20% Word count: 500 words Due date: Online one week after the group presentation by each member of the student team Submission details: Refer to Submission Requirements (p. 24) Marking Criteria and Standards: See page 14. One week after the group presentation each student will submit an individual synopsis of the content of the presentation and a critical reflection on the process of working in a team to construct an argument and achieve consensus. The paper is NOT to be an exact copy of the students contribution to the group presentation in Part A. Student directions The marking criteria and standards have been developed to guide you through the assessment process. Please read the criteria and standards carefully. Students are required to cover the following: • An individual synopsis of the content of the group presentation – A written summary of the main points made by the students team in the debate • Critical reflection on the process – How your teams presentation could be improved to strengthen your case? This includes providing alternative approaches to address the professional practice issues identified in the case study. • Critical reflection on your learning – How the NMBA Codes, Standards, and Guides enhance your understanding of professional practice as a graduate nurse or midwife? The paper must include in-text references and a reference list at the end of the paper in the APA style 6th edition (available on vUWS) for all resources used in your team presentation and in the critical reflection on the group process (a minimum of five references is expected). There is a word limit of 500 words. Use your computer to total the number of words used in your assignment. However, do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count. In-text citations will be included in the additional 10% word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking at 500 words plus 10%. Resources • Please refer to the units vUWS site for additional assessment resources • There are a number of textbooks and resources available through the UWS Library that may assist you in the assessment.
2.6 Assessment details Assessment 1: Group Presentation, Synopsis & Critical Reflection Paper Weighting: 35% (15% Group Presentation and 20% Individual Synopsis & Critical Reflection) Aim of assessment This assessment item involves two related activities: Part A and Part B Part A: The group presentation provides students with an opportunity to explore a professional practice issue in relation to the context of nursing and midwifery. Students work together as a team to present on a topic of choice based on a real case study and develop skills in structuring an argument through the experience of responding to differing perspectives on the topic in the format of a debate. Part B: Students write a synopsis of the group presentation and an individual critical reflection on the group process in the week following the in-class debate. A synopsis is a summary of what the team presented on the topic. Critical reflection involves thinking through how the team approached the debate and assessing the assumptions made about the topic. Details for Part A: Group Presentation (15%) Weighting: 15% Duration: 20 minutes Due date: In Workshop 3 or 4 depending on student team allocation by tutors in Workshop 1 Submission details: Refer to Submission Requirements (p. 24) Marking Criteria and Standards: See page 12. Students are allocated one of the three professional practice issues from the list of case studies provided below in Table 1 from Fry and Veatch (2011) and available on vUWS. The presentation is structured as a debate between two student teams.

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