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design a marketing metrics dashboard using four metrics for a new company that you d 5132246

Design a Marketing Metrics Dashboard using four metrics for a new company that you deem most important in one of the following sectors:

1. Consumer products

2. Food & Beverage

3. Healthcare Submission

Guidelines & Core Elements:

Be sure to state the service or product choice for which you are developing the dashboard. No references required for this assignment. Using Excel format:

Design clear and crisp dashboard graphic

Select metrics to measure the above listed categories/objectives (core element)

What is the quantifier (#, %, $) for each? (core element)

What is the goal to achieve by month? i.e. $40K sales per month (core element)

Plug in some monthly data to show progress (vs. Plan) in 20XX Calendar year (i.e. Jan $20K, Feb $21K, ….June $30K)

Provide in-depth course related comments for each selected metric and results (i.e. action plan, red, yellow or green “stoplight” status) (core element)

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