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create an initial html page titled tasks html with buttons to do the following you m 5150702

Create an initial HTML page titled tasks.html with buttons to do the following. (You may need a separate HTML form for each button – don’t use links, use buttons).

Button “View Customers” links to viewCustomers.php.

Button “View Actors” links to viewActors.php.

viewCustomers.php should display an html table with all customers, sorted by last name. List the following information: last name, first name, email address, address, city, district, country. Each field for each record should be in its own table cell. You should have a button that takes you back to the initial html page tasks.html.

viewActors.php this page should display an html table that has 2 columns. The first column will be the actor name, the second column will be a list of movies that the actor appears in. The html table should be sorted by actor last name. This page should have a button that takes you back to tasks.html.

Hints Actor last names are not unique, but full names are. Therefore you can concatenate a lastname with a firstname to create a unique key for an associative array. (Use the actor ID to query which movies an actor was in, or use BOTH first and last name.

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