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complete the following python calculator problem using pythonidle and provide the sc 4946067

Complete the following Python calculator problem using PythonIDLE, and provide the screen capture of your Python showing theanswer and your working process of solving the problem. Here’s theinstructions: •Create a variable named meal and set it to the meal cost -$33.75 •Create a variable named tax and set it to the percentage of tax– 8.75% •Create a variable named tip and set it equal to the tippercentage – 15% •Reassign the variable meal to be the value of the meal plus thetax •Create a new variable named total that should be set to thefull total for the bill including tip (let’s assume you are beinggenerous and tipping on the meal + tax amount) •Print the total to the screen using nice formatting (HINT: InCode Academy, we learned about formatting output, try this “$%.2f”% total) •Create a new variable called diners and set it equal to 2(number of people sharing the meal) •Calculate each person’s share of the bill and print it to thescreen . . .

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