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Company town


  There are the requirement, PULLMAN TOWN layout and the model that I made.   I choose COMPANY TOWN as my topic. Just wirte WHAT IS COMPANY TOWN, then introduce a specific example ” PULLMAN COMPANY TOWN ” ( because I made a model of PULLMAN), finally explain the reason for choosing this topic. It must be a one full, typed page.
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A company town is an area which is owned by a single company. In such areas, houses and stores are usually owned by a single company. This implies that people living in such towns are usually controlled by a single company. In the event the company is owned by a single person, the town is then owned and controlled by one person. In these areas, the companies owning them usually provide infrastructure, social amenities and economic activities, which attract people to move in those areas. In most cases, these………………..APA365 Words Added to cart

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