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cmis 102 hands on lab week 4 overview this hands on lab allows you to follow and exp 5206777

CMIS 102 Hands-On Lab

// Week 4

This hands-on lab allows you to follow and experiment with the critical steps of developing a program including the program description, analysis, test plan, design (using both flow chart and pseudocode visualization), and implementation with C code.  The example provided uses sequential, selection and repetition statements.

Program Description:

This program will calculate the sum of 10 integers. The program will ask the user to 10 integers. If the sum of the numbers is greater than 1000, a message is printed stating the sum is over 1000. The design step will include both pseudocode and flow chart visualization.

Learning Exercises for you to try:

What would you change in the design and the code if you wanted to sum 20 integers as opposed to 10? (Hint: You should make the changes and try it)

What is the line of code doing?

Is there other code you could use for the same results (Hint: Recall the increment operator) ?

Try at least 3 different test cases and check the output. How did you change the input values?

What happens if you entered a value other than an integer? (For example a float or even a string)

As always, experiment with the C code and design to continue to learn

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