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cist 2921 unit 01 lab general instructions only one file may be turned in for the as 5150299

CIST 2921 Unit 01 Lab

General Instructions
ONLY ONE FILE may be turned in for the assignment. If you make a mistake and
need to turn in your work again, you may do so. I will only grade the latest file
you turn in. The older ones will be deleted.
Lab Assignment
It is assumed you have read the chapter(s).
Part 1:
In part one you will download and install a free drawing tool you will use in this
class to create diagrams, UMLet. There is nothing to turn in from this part.
1. Go to the Tools section under the Lessons tab on our ANGEL web site.
2. Open the UMLet folder.
3. Read the FAQ for UMLet. Following the directions found there download
and install the UMLet software (we also have a version on the ANGEL web
site that you can use is the UMLet web site is slow).
4. Watch the UMLet Tutorial Video. Get a feel for how you create diagrams.
Make a note of the different text the presenter uses to get different effects.
For example a double dash to get a line in a class diagram. You can
ignore the third part of the video: custom elements.
Part 2:
In part two you will create a word processing document that contains a diagram.
This is a very common activity that you will do in the real world. When done,
save the document in PDF format and submit the PDF file as your solution.
Problem description: You are involved in building a college registration system. It
is early in the development process and you have been tasked to create a
Preliminary Class Diagram with class names, attributes and relationships but no
data types or method names. So far, four classes have been discovered:
Faculty, Student, Course and Section. It is known that Sections of a course have
the attributes of Section Reference Number (SRN), semester, year, day(s) of the
week, time and location. Courses have a course number (e.g. 2921) a
department (e.g. CIST), a name, a description and number of credit hours.
Faculty have first name, last name, office number, email address and employee
id number. Students have a first name, last name, home address, email address
Version 1.2
and a student ID number. It is known that Sections and Course are related, a
Section has one course. A Course could have 0 or more sections. Students take
0 or more sections, and Faculty teach 0 or more sections.
1. Using UMLet create a Preliminary Class Diagram that models the
information give above in the problem description.
2. When done export the diagram by selecting the whole diagram and using
the menu: File → Export As… → PNG … save the exported image file
using the dialog that appears.
3. Create a word processing document using your favorite word processor.
At the top of the document put your name, course, lab number and date.
4. Import the diagram PNG image by using your word processors import
picture or import image feature.
5. Save your document in the word processors default format using the
following name: Unit01Lab_


6. Save (or export) your document again, using the naming convention

described above, but this time in PDF format. So Betty Whites document

would look like this: Unit01Lab_bwhite.pdf. This document can be read

by my system no matter what kind of operating system you have or what

kind of word processor you use.

7. Drop your PDF file in the Unit 01 Lab drop box as follows:

a) Attaching your PDF file

b) Entering any comments you may wish to make

c) Click on “Submit”

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