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ch 1 voila meeting the android ch 2 simplify the android user interface ch 3 engage 5204285

Ch.1 Voila! Meeting the Android.

Ch.2 Simplify! The Android User Interface.

Ch.3 Engage! Android User Input, Variables, & Operations.

Ch.4 Explore! Icons & Decision Making Controls.

Ch.5 Investigate! Android Lists, Arrays, and Web Browsers.

Ch.6 Jam! Implementing Audio in Android Apps. 

Ch.7 Reveal! Displaying pictures

Ch.8 Design! Using a DAtePicker on a tablet

Ch.9 Customoze! Navigating Tabs on a tablet app

Ch.10 Move! Creating Animation

Ch.11 Discover! Incorporating Google Maps

Ch.12 Finale! Publishing your android app

    • Posted: 4 years ago
    • Due: 29/02/2016
    • Budget: $80

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