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can you please write me program code and pseudo code zonaws com blackboard learn xyt 5155812

can you please write me program code and pseudo 60% PART2-Rquirement Create a oroject named SU 60% PART2-Rquirement Create a oroject named SU2019 LAB3PART2 LastName -provide the UML of class Emplovee yourlas and pseudo-code of the following requirement. -Data type class named Employee yourLastName should include data members of name (String),employee id (String), hourly salary rate (float) and nun hours in two weeks (int); no-argument constructor, parameter constructor, mutator methods and accessor methods of each data member; methods calculate the salary below. The numbers are two weeks and method toString to provide the output aligned to the right with 2 decimal digits SALARY ΕΥPLOYΕΕ Employee id: Nane: 12344567 James, Smith Number of Hork hours Gross Pay: Federal Income Tax: Tax: 221.5 Medicare Tax: Net pay: 1638.8 LAB3 a driver class named SU2019 SalarySlipOfEmployee yourLastName to provide the application based on Object Oriented programming. want to peins prompt users to enter all information of an employee that users employee id (String), houra NNETe (String), first name (Stringe). (int) from the keyboard, create the object of class Employee yourLastName then print vouel w weeks out the salary slip by calling a method from class Employee The following rates should be defined as constants: Federal Income tax rate 8.74 % Social Security tax rate 6.20 % Medicare tax rate 1.45% Formulas: number of work hours Gross pay salary rate Federal Income tax Gross pay Federal Income tax rate Social security tax Gross pay Social Security tax rate Medicare tax Gross pay Medicare tax rate Net pay Gross pay-(Federal Income tax+ Social Security tax+ Medicare tax) Notes Liem Le COSC1437 #3 -You have to change the word “Jame Smith”, rate, and hours to any information that -Remember to write the comment to explain each part of the program -The output string is built from metho toString) in the data type class Submit the lah on time

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