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can someone help me with this program i try to find a tutor to help me with it and e 3715596

Can someone help me with this program?I try to find a Tutor to help me with it and explain it to mebut all of them busy?
write a Matlab function lusolte2a) that solves a system Ax = b busing the output from the . Your funetion shotldtate inputs : matriom lutac 2a( pttF array returned by lufae2a; The oaly ourpatr shoald be the toluts and b = right-hand-side rector for your system. Guidelines: se column access forthematns entries 2) do uot create any other matrices in vour functiou-get your data directly from the matrix passed into your fuaction 3) do not use anyMatlab commands designedforsoltungsstems. (For example, voa cannot use triu() y to do the backward substitution with the upper triangular portion-of f (triu() and right-hand-side y:) An operation such aseey, where x & y are vectors and c is a scalar, is acceptable Tura in: a priat-out of your function 2) The results of using the givea hutac2a and your husolre2a to solve three random systeusone each of order3 Oand (asrand5 berand SI create a raadoan Sx matris and random xl vector). You do not hare to print out the matrix or mput rector, and vou do not hate to priat out the solution Print out tue counands used to geserate the systers and your solution (you can use the Matlab drary command) I you call your solutioaprint out x-a o cplease I want to know how can I get thesolution..starting with this function..

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