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can some one answer the following thank you 1 use your html editor to open the tb v 4947707

) can some one answer the following, thank you! 1 Use your HTML editor to open the tb_visual3_txt.css,tb_visual4_txt.css, tb_ferris_txt.htmland tb_kathleen_txt.htmlfiles from the html04 ► review folder. Enter
your name and
the datein the comment section of each file, and save themas tb_visual3.css, tb_visual4.css, tb_ferris.html, andtb_kathleen.html respectively. 2 Go to the tb_ferris.html file in your editor. Add links to thetb_base.css, tb_styles3.css, and tb_visual3.css style sheets in theorder listed. 3 Scroll down and, within the main element header and after the h1heading, insert a figure box containing: a) the tb_ferris.pnginline image with the alternate text
Ferris Family usingthe image map named
portrait_map and b) a figure captionwith the text
Kathleen Ferris and daughter Linda(1957). 4 Directly below the figure box, create the portrait_map image mapcontaining the following hotspots: a) a rectangular hotspotpointing to the tb_kathleen.html file with the left-top coordinate(10, 50) and the right-bottom coordinate (192, 223) and alternatetext, “Kathleen Ferris” and b) a circular hotspot pointing to thetb_linda.html file with a center point at (264, 108) and a radiusof 80 pixels and the alternate text,
LindaFerris-White. 5 Take some time to study the rest of the page content andstructure and then save your changes to the file. 6 Go to the tb_visual3.css file in your editor. In this file,you’ll create the graphic design styles for the page. 7 Go to the HTML Styles section and create a style rule for thehtml element to use the image file tb_back5.png as thebackground. 8 Go to the Page Body Styles section and create a style rule forthe body element that: a) adds a left and right 3-pixel solidborder with color value rgb(169, 130, 88), b) adds a box shadow tothe right border with a horizontal offset of 25 pixels, a verticaloffset of 0 pixels and a 35-pixel blur and a color value of rgb(53,21, 0), and then adds the mirror images of this shadow to the leftborder. 9 Go to the Main Styles section. Create a style rule for the mainelement that: a) applies the tb_back7.png file as a backgroundimage with a size of 100% covering the entire background with notiling and positioned with respect to the padding box and b) addstwo inset box shadows, each with a 25-pixel blur and a color valueof rgb(71, 71, 71), and then one with offsets of –10 pixels in thehorizontal and vertical direction and the other with horizontal andvertical offsets of 10 pixels. 10 Create a style rule for the h1 heading within the main headerthat adds the following two text shadows: a) a shadow with thecolor value rgb(221, 221, 221) and offsets of 1 pixels and noblurring and b) a shadow with the color value rgba(41, 41, 41, 0.9)and offsets of 5 pixels and a 20-pixel blur. 11 Go to the Figure Box Styles section. Create a style rule for thefigure element that sets the top/bottom margin to 10 pixels and theleft/right margin to auto. Set the width of the element to 70%. 12 Next, you’ll modify the appearance of the figure box image.Create a style rule for the image within the figure box that: a)sets the border width to 25 pixels, b) sets the border style tosolid, c) applies the tb_frame.png file as a border image with aslice size of 60 pixels stretched across the sides, d) displays theimage as a block with a width of 100%, and e) applies a sepia toneto the image with a value of 80% (include the WebKit browserextension in your style sheet). 13 Create a style rule for the figure caption that: a) displays thetext using the font stack ‘Palatino Linotype’, Palatino, ‘Times NewRoman’, serif, b) sets the style to italic, c) sets the top/bottompadding to 10 pixels and the left/right padding to 0 pixels, and d)centers the text. 14 Go to the Article Styles section. Here you’ll create borders andbackgrounds for the article that Linda Ferris-White wrote about hermother. Create a style rule for the article element that: a)displays the background image file tb_back6.png placed at thebottom-right corner of the element with a size of 15% and notiling, b) adds an 8-pixel double border with color value rgb(147,116, 68) to the right and bottom sides of the article element, c)creates a curved bottom-right corner with a radius of 80 pixels,and d) adds an interior shadow with horizontal and vertical offsetsof –10 pixels, a 25-pixel blur, and a color value of rgba(184, 154,112, 0.7). 15 Kevin wants a gradient background for the page footer. Go to theFooter Styles section and create a style rule for the footer thatadds a linear gradient background with an angle of 325°, going fromthe color value rgb(180, 148, 104) with a color stop at 20% of thegradient length to the value rgb(40, 33, 23) with a color stop at60%. 16 Save your changes to the style sheet and then opentb_ferris.html in your browser. Verify that the colors and designsresemble that shown in Figure 4-64. Next, you will create the design styles for individual pagesabout Kathleen Ferris and Linda Ferris-White. A preview of thecontent of the Kathleen Ferris page is shown in Figure 4-65. 17 Go to the tb_kathleen.html file in your editor and create linksto the tb_base.css, tb_styles4.css, and tb_visual4.css files. Studythe contents of the file and then close it, saving yourchanges. 18 Go to the tb_visual4.css file in your editor. Scroll down to theTransformation Styles section and add a style rule for the articleelement to set the size of the perspective space to 800 pixels. 19 Create a style rule for the figure1 figure box to translate it–120 pixels along the
z-axis. 20 Create a style rule for the figure2 figure box to translate it–20 pixels along the
y-axis and rotate it 50° around the
y-axis. 21 Create a style rule for the figure3 figure box to translate it–30 pixels along the
y-axis and rotate it –50° around the
y-axis. 22 Go to the Filter Styles section to apply CSS filters to the pageelements. Make sure that you include the WebKit browser extensionin your style. Create a style rule for the figure1 figure box thatapplies a saturation filter with a value of 1.3. 23 Create a style rule for the figure2 figure box that sets thebrightness to 0.8 and the contrast to 1.5. 24 Create a style rule for the figure3 figure box that sets the huerotation to 170°, the saturation to 3, and the brightness to1.5. 25 html:

New Perspectives on HTML5 and CSS3, 7th Edition

Tutorial 4

Review Assignment Photo Page of Kathleen Ferris


Date: Filename: tb_kathleen.html


Tree and Book: Kathleen Ferris

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Kathleen Ferris

High School Photo (1945)

Before her Beloved Piano(1973)

Still Swimming (2001)

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css tb_visual3: @charset “utf-8”; /*

New Perspectives on HTML5 and CSS3, 7th Edition

Tutorial 4

Review Assignment Design Style Sheet for Tree and Book Family Home Page


Date: Filename: tb_visual3.css */ /* HTML Styles */ /* Page Body Styles */ /* Main Styles */ /* Figure Box Styles */ /* Article Styles */ /* Footer Styles */ css tb_visual4: @charset “utf-8”; /*

New Perspectives on HTML5 and CSS3, 7th Edition

Tutorial 4

Review Assignment Individuals Design Style Sheet at Tree and Book


Date: Filename: tb_visual4.css */ /* Transformation Styles */ /* Filter Styles */

Filename: tb_ferris.html

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