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Book: Lady Sings the Blues

Lady Sings The Blues by Billie Holiday Co-Author William Dufty, 258 page.  This book details the life of Jazz singer Billie Holiday from childhood through death at the age of forty-four. Billie Holiday struggled with and died from heroin addiction.


Reflection Paper / Book Report –: You will select a book – typically a biography or autobiography – of soted on Blackboard. You may choose another book, but must get permission from your professor. You will write a brief book report about the contents and end with your reflections on the book. This is to be written in 1st-person and abide by APA formatting. You need to use good grammar in sentence and paragraph structure and check your spelling. For the APA formatting, I expect a title page, running head, page numbers, headings and a reference page (this will be the book, referenced in APA format). Your headings should include, at minimum, the following, although you may select more or have sub-headings:

  • Summary of Story Line
  • Personal Reflection
  • Conclusion
Grading Rubric  
Task Possible Points
Introduction: Title, author(s), number of pages, state if autobiography, biography or fiction and why you selected this book. This is one paragraph. 5
Summary of Story Line 15
Detail at least 3 examples of how the addiction negatively impacted the person. Each example is at least one paragraph 20
Detail the personal struggles and / or failures of the person wanting to get clean and barriers to recovery. This is a minimum of half a page but may be much longer. 20
Impact on you as the reader: what did you learn about substance use disorders from reading this book? This is a minimum of 1 page. 25
Conclusion 5
APA style, grammar and spelling 10


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