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blood pressure responses to acute and chronic exercise are related in prehypertensio 4957966

Blood Pressure Responses to Acute and Chronic Exercise Are Related in Prehypertension
Paper instructions:
3. Summarize the article by answering the following questions in paragraph format.
a. What was the purpose of the study? In other words, what question did the study attempt to answer?
b. Describe the study procedures. How was the study conducted? Was it an experiment (i.e., were some subjects given a treatment and some subjects assigned to a control group)?
c. What were the findings of the study?
d. If you were a registered dietitian, how would you apply the findings of this study?
e. If you were to summarize this study in one sentence, what would you say? (avoid words like proves and causes but instead use words like reduces risk and suggests). to us, for we have ensured that our services are affordable, and that we also have discount programs for you.

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