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benefits of standardized and non standardized assessments you have been asked to pre 3741279

benefits of standardized and non-standardized assessments

You have been asked to prepare a presentation to parents on the benefits of both standardized and non-standardized assessments. You need to share that both standardized and informal, non-standardized assessments can effectively be used with young children.Give an example of when it is appropriate to use a standardized test and when non-standardized assessment techniques are appropriate. Explain why each type of assessment is appropriate in each case. Be sure to give examples that are in parent-friendly language and show a clear benefit to the child.

……….Answer Preview………….Undoubtedly, every parent should know that standardized testing involves using testing tools that are administered and scored in as pre-established standard or consistent manner. Both standardized and non-standardized assessments have their own benefits and drawbacks. Standardized assessments seek to measure the measurable while the non-standardized seek to measure the students/children skills that are obvious and maybe important. However, it is evident that the two can work well alongside each other in a class curriculum…………

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