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array functions question can i get help with writing the code for these array functi 5195885

Array functions question, Can I get help with writing the code for these array functions for this temperature project, it needs to be in this template form and all parts need to be answered and be able to run on visual express. Must follow the directions #include // Function Prototypes // ancillary functions void SeedRand(int x); // Array testing void InitializeArray(int a[], int arraySize); void PrintArray(int a[], int arraySize); bool Contains(int a[], int arraySize, int testVal); void BubbleSort(int a[], int arraySize); int SumArray(int a[], int arraySize); int Largest(int a[], int arraySize); int Smallest(int a[], int arraySize); double Average(int a[], int arraySize); void ReverseArray(int a[], int arraySize); // multi-dimensional arrays void InitializeTemperatures(int ma[][2], int xSize); void PrintArray(double ma[][2], int xSize); //[BEGIN MAIN] // DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE int main() { // This entire main() function will be deleted // during the assessment and replaced with // another main() function that tests your code. // Develop code here to test your functions // You may use std::cout in any tests you develop // DO NOT put std::cout statements in any of the // provided function skeletons unless specificaly asked for // Here is a quick array to get you started. // This size may change! // Make sure your functions work for any array size. const int ARRAY_SIZE = 20; int a[ARRAY_SIZE]; // Start here // Call your functions and test their output // Here is an example SeedRand(0); // Only call this ONCE InitializeArray(a, ARRAY_SIZE); std::cout

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