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any help would be appreciated java this program will translate known text message ab 5122370

Any help would be appreciated (Java). This program will translate known text message abbreviations totheir actual meanings in unabbreviated form. (1) Implement for Tests 1 – 3:

Read an input string from the user.

If the user’s input string matches a known text messageabbreviation,

      Output the unabbreviatedform

      Otherwise output:Unknown. Support two abbreviations:

LOL — laughing out loud

IDK — I don’t know Sample input/output: Input an abbreviation:LOLlaughing out loud (2) Implement for Tests 4 – 6:

Expand to also decode these abbreviations.

      BFF — best friendsforever

      IMHO — in my humbleopinion Asked Apr. 09, 2018 . . .

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