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An Effective Public Speaker

The textbook: Hamilton, G. (2013). Pulic speaking for college and career (10th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN13: 978-0-07-803682-8 or ISBN10: 0-07-803682-8 softcover.

Written Assignment: Observe a person (either on television, pre-taped speech, or in a live, in- person situation) making a presentation or presenting a public speech. Briefly describe in a FULL 3 page typewritten paper the following aspects:
 Describe the public speaking or presentation situation (where, when, topic, person
presenting, audience members, etc.)
 Evaluate the effectiveness of the speaker’s message
 Describe the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the nonverbal communication of the speaker
 Evaluate the public speaking ability from your perspective and why. Add suggestions for
improvement of the speaking skills.

The written assignment will be graded on content and integration of ideas from the readings, as well as grammar, mechanics and organization.

Please choose a person (either on television, pre-taped speech, or in a live, in- person situation) and let me know if it is ok










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The Doha debates are conducted on a platform in Qatar and provide an avenue for the discussion of most of the issues that are faced in the current modern world. The speakers in the motion are usually opposes and proposers of the motion and are guided through by a neutral party. In addition to that, there are also members of the public who attend the debates at will in the case that they wish to hear what the thoughts of the people arte on a particular topic. In the debate, Oil has been more of a curse than a blessing, for the sake……………….


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