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ahw2ii hello i have an agile software development methodologythat is proposed by the 5123540

AHW2ii) Hello I have an agile software development methodologythat is proposed by the combining the two other agile developmentmethodologies, my question is how can we apply that new proposedmethodology to large projects. The description of the new proposedmethodology is given below: 1. The new Agile methodology is “Feature and Test DrivenDevelopment”. 2. Feature Driven Development (FDD) is an iterative andincremental Agile methods

for developing software. This is client centric pragmatic Softwareprocess.

As the name implies, “Features” are important in FDD.

A feature is a smallclient valuedfunction expressed in form of

action – result – object. Test Driven Development (TDD) relies on repetition of developmentcycle –

i.e. write a test before we write the production code to fulfillthe requirement.

Goal of TDD is specification and not validation. We can combine this FDD and TDD to form new “Feature and TestDriven Development”

(FTDD). In FDD, we concentrate on feature based on client request and dothe development.

We only think of testing once the development of the feature iscomplete. In TDD, requirements are turned intosmalltestcases and code isimproved to

pass the test case. We need both the approach for effective Software development anddelivery. Once we get the requirement from customer, we can do FDD and TDD inparallel,

so that testing and development happens in parallel and there is nowastage of time. 3. We can have the project flow as below. once we get the requirement, we can have 1 week time forFDD and TDD to happens

in parallel.

So that in one end, FDD team can concentrate on developingfeature.

And, TDD team can develop suitable test cases so that they cancheck the feasibility. 4. – Adaptation -> Based on the complexity of requirement, wecan have change

                  in 1 week durationtime.

                  With this approach, FDD teamneed not doseperatetesting.

                  And TDD team need not writeproduction code after introducing

                  test cases.


   Communication -> FDD and TDD teams can communicateeach other for the

                  new feature interface andhelp each other.


   Customer Satisfaction and Business value ->

                  With FTDD approach, there islot of time saved.

                  For example, FDD team neednot do write test cases to

                  test the feature.

                  TDD team after verifying therequirement need not write

                  production code and that timeis saved.

                  If TDD team finds thatrequirement is not feasible, then

                  it can discard the codedeveloped by FDD.


   Frequent Inspection and Retrospective ->

                  Here FDD teams and TDD teamsare completelyindependantand

                  only need to communicate andstart requirement analysis and

                  after either developing codeor writing the test cases.


                  By this the retrospectivetime for completion is reduced by a week. sincerely… . . .

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