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A Report on State of Information Technology As of now, technology is playing a major role in the field of health care. From the computerisation of medical records to the complex operations, technology has its hand in every step which is more important. Also the changing requirements and scenarios of the health care units requires changing in the work/work mode of information technology. So many technological aspects and development such as context based application systems, health inspectors , context mobile apps are helping both the patient sas well as the health care units in an effective manner. Most of the business models are currently focussed on haelth care ecosystem . This includes the maintenance of patient records and retreival from any point of health care. As most of the villages and rural villages are still out of doctors , the business models do concentrated on the E-health care with an intenstion to reach everywhere. This means that every patient can globally contact with a doctor from any part of the world and can get health advisory. All this is possible by means of a technological application which means a website or a mobile app. The mobile app is very effective in rural areas where there is no chance of high level communication lines, while the website is also got its importance in a variety of situations. One such effective invention is the mobile app by the name “Docs App”. This app allows the patient across anywhere in the country can get halth advise from a reputed doctor of his choice form anywhere in the country. Once the app is installed in the mobile of patient, the app will prompt the user to get registered and it asks the patient to record his health history , current health problem and spots out a number of dcotors pertaining to the health problem addressed by the patient. Once the list of doctors is available, the patient can select a doctor of hic choice and can proceed for appointment. After selecting the dcotor, patient needs to pay a nominal amount for consultation which is an online mode payment thorugh mobile to proceed with the consultation. Once payment is completed, the doctor will be available online and will examine the health issues of the patient. There is also a facility to call patient by the doctor to know any other details of patient health . After examination, the doctor can prefer a set of tablets and ointments/injections as required which will be recorded in the app and will be sent to central server for permanent storage. The patient can get the list of medicines to his own place by means of a courier by the Docs App officials.NOt only this, the app also suggests the next visit of the patient to the doctor also it prepares a time sheet of the doctor and both patient as well so that there cannot be any delay. Impact : The technological applications like Docs App are making the patients reach the doctors with ease and also helping the unnecessary burden of the patients.

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