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8 you are a networking technician in a radiology clinic wherephysicians use the netw 3807242

8.You are a networking technician in a radiology clinic,wherephysicians use the network to transmit and store patients'diagnostic results. Shortly after a new wing, which contains X-rayand magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) machines, is added to thebuilding, computers in that area begin having intermittent problemssaving data to the file server. After you have identifiedthesymptoms, what is your next step in troubleshooting thisproblem?

a.Determine the number of workstations affected, towhich segment theaffected workstations belong, and which area of workstations isaffected.

b.Notify colleagues in the clinic's IT Departmentabout a change youare going to make while attempting to resolve the problem.

c.Research the problem on your NOS vendor'stechnical support Website.

d.Identify recent changes to the network todetermine whether ahardware or software change may be responsible for the problem.

e.Identify the potential effects of the solution youare about toapply, to make sure that you do not inadvertently create newproblems.

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