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2 pages for each topic total of four pages you have to choose two topics 11 12 2015 5221736

2 pages for each topic 

total of four pages 

you have to choose two topics 

11/12/2015 at 9pm


The purpose of this assignment is to get familiar with the IEEE Standards. 

From the IEEE Xplore, Standards section, download a standard that closely matches your area of concentration. 

Read the standard and summarize your understanding of it in one to two-page document and upload it to the corresponding drop-box in Moodle. Include the standard number, title, and date of the last update. Indicate whether you find it useful, how you might use it in your career, and how it might affect your design. 

The file name should be -IEEE-std<#>.docs. 

Steps to download an IEEE standards: 

1. From the school  library website, ( will be sent once we shaked hands ) 

2. Search for IEEE Xplore, and click on the link. 

3. Login using your school username and password. 

4. From the Browse drop-down menu, select Standards. 

5. Click on the “By Collection” tab. 

6. Select a collection of interest. Hundreds of standards exists for each collection. 

7. Select a particular area of interest; e.g., Communications 

8. Refine the results by selecting the following: 

a. Standard Status: Active 

b. Standard Modifier: Approved 

9. Browse through the list of standards, and select one topic of interest; e.g., “211 – IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms for Radio Wave Propagation.” 

10. Click on “Show Version Details”, and then on the latest Approved standard link. 


11. Click on the “Full Text as PDF” button, to download the standard file. 

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    • Due: 11/12/2015
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