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2 a in chapter 4 you created a die application that randomly quot throws quot five d 5191869

2. A. In Chapter 4, you created a Die application that randomly “throws” five dice for the computer and five dice for the player. The application displays the values. Modify the application to decide the winner based on the following hierarchy of Die values. Any higher combination beats a lower one-for example, five of a kind beats four of a kind.

-Five of a kind

-Four of a kind

-Three of a kind

-A pair

For this game, the dice values do not count: for example, if both players have three of a kind, its a tie, no matter what the values of the three dice are. Additionally, the game does not recognize a full house (three of a kind plus two of a kind). Save the application as

B. Improve the FiveDice2 game so that when both players have the same combination of dice, the higher value wins. For example two 6s beat two 5s. Save the application as

********* I NEED TO ANSWER QUESTION 2B************

********QUESTION 2B IS IN BOLD*******************

I am having trouble answering one of my questions and need help. PLEASE!!!

I have written out both parts of the question to help get an idea of what the problem needs to include. My homework question is 2B

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