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1 try to develop a new application to use the example given in fig 8 1 bellow the ne 5210868

1) Try to develop a new application to use the example given in Fig. 8-1(Bellow) the new application should display one out of a possible 10 pictures in the window. Use should be able to choose the picture by position tick on the Slide bar. 2) Please write 1-2 pages of your reflection of designing Java GUI application. You may want to discuss your experiences, concerns, lessons learned, etc. Lessons learned: Introduction to Java Data, Type Conversion and Methods Control Statements Advanced Methods, Math Class and basic GUI Advanced OOP and Exception Handling Arrays and Data Structures Advanced GUI and Quality Control This section contains the following elements: The projects only use JDK and an editor (textPad, notepad, notepad++). Use GUI based using JOptionPanes, JFrame, JSlide, JLabel, JPanel etc. Write the source code for each class in a separate file, which must have the same name as the class name together with the extension .java, names commence with a capital letter. Do not use Java packages to package the classes, use APIs provided by Java SDK. Give some appropriate introduction and discussion of your answers. Comments the code of the program. Project must have at least 3 classes for each question. The answer should have about 1-2 pages. Do not use code generator. References with Harvard style at least 3 Academic Articles or books Please, make sure that there is no Plagiarism. This solution is not to be available at online search or to become public solution. (google etc).

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