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1 tco 1 the java extension on a file means that the file points 6 contains java sour 5346862

1.(TCO 1) The.javaextension on a file means that the file(Points : 6)

contains Java source code.
contains HTML.
is produced by the Java compiler (javac).
contains a machine specific executable image.

2.(TCO 1) Every Java application is required to have(Points : 6)

at least one public static method called main.
at least one data member.
a String variable which holds the name of the application.
a content pane and several GUI components.

3.(TCO 1) Which is a correct way to invoke the static method sqrt of the Math class?(Points : 6)

sqrt( 900 );
math.sqrt( 900 );
Math.sqrt( 900 );
Math math = new Math(); math.sqrt( 900 );

4.(TCO 1) Which line below creates a String object that displays the value of current to 3 decimal digit accuracy, given voltage and resistance variables which are of type double?(Points : 6)

String res =

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